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Create the perfect first screen that captures the essence of website and reveal the values that customers will receive when they contact your company.
Grab attention from the first second
Get high site conversions
Do not believe the myths "with a 100% conversion guarantee", because this does not happen. We use our own methodologies, development cases and do not want to deceive people.
Visually stand out from competitors
Your site should stand out, inspire confidence, correspond to the target audience, be understood and well readable - we undertake these tasks on.
Make a true selling website
The good structure of the site, which will lead a hare to the goal like a carrot. We analyze, delve into the market in order to implement this structure.
Appropriate approach to site development
Create a website is easy
It is difficult to make a site so that it does not hang like a dead weight. It is difficult to make a worthwhile website that will delight the essence of the company and bring in customers.

It is not without pride that we can say that we are capable of this.
Popular services
site development
We squeeze information for three blocks, create an effective visual image, write strong text. Your three blocks will be used up to 200%. The best solution for micro business.
Landing page development
Development a competitive website, after analyzing the market. Landing that attracts customers, demonstrate the value of your proposal and tells about the company. An investment that pays for itself.
Development of a corporate website
We collect information, analyze meticulously, define communication tasks - and only then select creative ideas that will fulfill the goals of each page of your site.
Online store development
We dive into the business niche, determine all the subtleties of your product, prepare product cards, connect the shopping cart and online payment. Powerful SEO under the hood.
Setting up targeted advertising
Advertising of your goods, services, company on the open spaces of Facebook and Instagram. We set up the target audience, select interests, create creatives, and constantly test.
Setting up contextual advertising
Advertising in the search engines Google and Yandex. Hottest customers who are already entering a search term. We select keywords, write ads, increase the rating, work 24/7.
Examples of work:
We analyzed the customer's market, made a portrait of the target audience of the business. Based on the collected data, we have drawn a simple but very elegant design of the site, which instantly attracts interest.
The company is engaged in the implementation of specials technic for rent. We have developed a simple yet beautiful and informative one-page website. From the very first launch of contextual advertising, all the equipment was redeemed for a month in advance.
A one-page website has been developed for a company that provides business aircraft leasing. Stylish, discreet, expensive landing page aimed at premium clients traveling on private jets.
Synergy university
A corporate website has been developed, which has more than 70 pages inside it, from the main one to the description of each faculty. The task was to develop website urgently and we managed it in a week. This is our personal best - 70 pages in 1 week.
Virtual incubator
A website for a business start-up incubator was created, implemented as a series of video courses for students. We have developed separate pages for both B2B and B2C segments.
OneShot Production
A corporate website for a video production studio has been developed, as well as related landing pages for advertising traffic. We set up and conducted contextual advertising for a month.
Cocos market
Lively, bright, cheerful and, most importantly, selling healthy nutrition online store. The customer liked it so much that we got a discount on all the products of the store.
My Shop Group
The Umag franchisee is engaged in the implementation of trade equipment and systems for trade automation. We created a site of 10 pages in 2 days, set up SEO, launched contextual and targeted advertising.
We have developed an online store of goods for repair, uploaded more than 3000 items. Meta tags and special headings for indexing by search engines were registered for each position.
Single screen site
We developed a one-screen website for a furniture manufacturer in Almaty in 1 hour, launched an advertisement, the first customers were already 3 hours later
Profitable proposition
When ordering any site - setting up advertising on the Internet as a gift!

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